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Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
Do you have a Khush Reh store near me?
Currently we operate online only, if you are in Orlando you may opt for our Local Pick-Up option. Refer to our Local Pick-Up page for more info.
What if I have an idea?
If you have an idea, we will certainly like to see it! If we love and decide to produce it, you will receive 3 free shirts of your design! Contact us through email at
I want to work for Khush Reh
Want to work for us? Sounds great. We love having fresh new ideas and people involved in our team. Send us an email of your work and we will proceed from there!
Can I make custom shirts from Khush Reh?
If you want a custom Khush Reh shirts just shoot us an e-mail and we can help you with that.
If you want custom screen printing work done, contact MJ Embroidery and Screen Printing for the best quotes and they will happily be ready to help you. Mention us for a special promo!
My e-mail hasn't been responded to, what's up?
Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you! Our response time is 24-48hrs, please be patient with us. We appreciate your support and are eager to resolve your needs.
I don't see my size
Don't see your size? Sorry, it is either out of stock or we don't carry that particular size. In any case, shoot us an email and we will get back to you on whether we are reprinting that size or design. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Wrong Size - Damaged Shirt - Need an exchange/refund
First of all, we are sorry it came to this. Now, if you aren't satisfied with the shirt or need an exchange/refund, email us with your order number and we will get on it right away!
I need to make a change to my order, what do I do?
Contact us immediately so that we can correct it before we send out your order. 
I want a lot of shirts (Bulk Orders)
Bulk orders are qualified at least 20 pieces. If you think you need that many or more don't hesitate to contact us before placing your order. 
Price Adjustments - Bought without sale/coupon/free shipping
We love you, but unfortunately we can't adjust the price of a previously bought item. 
How long does shipping usually take? (US)
Orders in US should take 2-5 business days to ship. Order processing takes anywhere from 1-3 business days. 
I want to track my package, how do I do that?
A tracking number should be emailed to you when we send it out. If it hasn't check your spam or trash folder. If it is not there, contact us and we will address the issue with haste. 
International Shipping?
International Shipping will take anywhere from 10-24 business days to ship and the same 1-3 business days to process the order. Sorry for the length, but it is something we are working on. 
What sorts of payments are accepted?
We'd love to accept payment in food but for business purposes we accept all major credit cards and PayPal. If you are having issues with payment, contact us and we will sort it out together!
Product Quality and Logetivity
What quality shirts does Khush Reh use?
The shirts we use are premium quality, the best and softest of its kind. Brands we often use are Next Level and Bella. 
I love my shirt, how can I make it last?
Simple, treat it right and it will treat you right. For washing instructions, you can find those on the label of the shirt but a quick run trough would be; Wash Cold, flip inside-out,with like colors, and tumble dry on low. 
As for creases, they will come out as you wear the shirt during the day. But if you insist, we suggest either steaming the shirt, or flip the shirt inside out and iron it. 
Doing this will preserve the quality of the shirt and print on the shirt. 
If you have and other questions or concerns not mentioned above, contact us at